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HP CB331EE (338) Printhead black, 450 pages, 11ml, Pack qty 2

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  • Double the ink, fewer trips to the store and save money too
  • Ideal for high volume users - make sure you've got a spare cartridge when you need it
  • Get fast printing of laser-quality black for crisp, sharp text and graphics
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Manufacturer : HP


Availability: In stock


HP 338 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge with Vivera Ink prints darker, laser-quality black text that offers greater resistance to highlighter pen smear. This new black ink delivers enhanced durability and superior fade-resistant. Get consistently dark, laser-quality text for professional printing on all your documents. Enjoy bold, rich output when you choose a black pigment ink - ideal for making a strong impression.

Compatible Printers: HP PhotoSmart 2500 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8150 V, HP DeskJet 5745, HP PhotoSmart 8100 Series, HP OfficeJet 7310 XI, HP PhotoSmart 8450 XI, HP PhotoSmart 8000 Series, HP DeskJet 6520, HP PhotoSmart 2575, HP PSC 1603, HP PhotoSmart C 3125, HP DeskJet 9800, HP PSC 2300 Series, HP OfficeJet 6210, HP PSC 1510 S, HP PhotoSmart 2700 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8150 XI, HP PhotoSmart 8450 GP, HP OfficeJet 7210, HP OfficeJet 7310, HP PSC 2350, HP PhotoSmart C 3150, HP PSC 1615, HP PSC 2355 V, HP PhotoSmart C 3140, HP PSC 1500 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8150, HP PSC 2610, HP PhotoSmart 8030, HP DeskJet 6830 V, HP PhotoSmart 2600 Series, HP PhotoSmart 2575 xi, HP PhotoSmart 2608, HP PSC 2600 Series, HP PhotoSmart C 3175, HP PhotoSmart 2710 XI, HP OfficeJet 6210 V, HP PhotoSmart C 3110, HP PSC 1513 S, HP OfficeJet 7410 XI, HP PhotoSmart C 3180, HP PSC 1510, HP OfficeJet 7400 Series, HP PSC 1610, HP PhotoSmart 2570, HP PSC 2710, HP DeskJet 6830, HP DeskJet 6620, HP OfficeJet 6210 XI, HP DeskJet 460, HP DeskJet 460 CB, HP PhotoSmart C 3185, HP PhotoSmart 8050 XI, HP DeskJet 6540, HP PhotoSmart 8050, HP PSC 1618, HP PhotoSmart C 3100 Series, HP OfficeJet 7410, HP PhotoSmart 7850, HP DeskJet 6540 DT, HP PhotoSmart 7850 V, HP PhotoSmart 8049, HP PhotoSmart 2610, HP PhotoSmart 2610 XI, HP DeskJet 9803, HP DeskJet 9803 D, HP PhotoSmart 8050 V, HP PhotoSmart 8450, HP PSC 1610 XI, HP PSC 2355, HP DeskJet 460 WBT, HP PhotoSmart C 3135, HP OfficeJet 6215, HP DeskJet 460 C, HP OfficeJet Pro K 7100, HP OfficeJet K 7100, HP PSC 2355 XI, HP PhotoSmart 7850 XI, HP PhotoSmart 2605, HP PSC 1510 XI, HP OfficeJet 6205, HP PhotoSmart 7800 Series, HP DeskJet 9860, HP PhotoSmart 8400 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8450 V, HP OfficeJet 7210 XI, HP PhotoSmart 2615, HP PhotoSmart 2710, HP DeskJet 460 WF, HP PhotoSmart C 3190, HP DeskJet 6540 D, HP PhotoSmart C 3194, HP DeskJet 5740, HP PSC 1600 Series, HP PhotoSmart C 3170, HP PSC 1610 V, HP DeskJet 6840, HP OfficeJet 7300 Series, HP PSC 2355 P, HP DeskJet 9800 D, HP DeskJet 6500 Series, HP DeskJet 5700 Series, HP PSC 2700 Series, HP OfficeJet K 7100 Series, HP OfficeJet Pro K 7100 Series, HP DeskJet 460 Series, HP DeskJet 6800 Series, HP DeskJet 9800 Series, HP OfficeJet 6200 Series, HP DeskJet 6600 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8150 Series, HP OfficeJet 6210 Series, HP PSC 2355 Series, HP PhotoSmart 7850 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8450 Series, HP PhotoSmart 8050 Series, HP PSC 1610 Series, HP DeskJet 6540 Series, HP OfficeJet 150 Mobile, HP OfficeJet 100, HP OfficeJet 7200, HP OfficeJet 6200, HP PSC 2353, HP OfficeJet 6208, HP OfficeJet 7408, HP OfficeJet K 7108, HP DeskJet 6843, HP PhotoSmart 2575 Series, HP PSC 2610 V, HP PSC 2613, HP DeskJet 6543, HP DeskJet 6543 Series, HP OfficeJet 6213, HP DeskJet 6543 DT, HP PhotoSmart 8153, HP DeskJet 5743, HP PhotoSmart 8053, HP PSC 1513, HP PhotoSmart C 3183, HP OfficeJet 7210 V, HP OfficeJet 7205, HP DeskJet 5793, HP OfficeJet 7208, HP DeskJet 6623, HP OfficeJet 7413, HP PhotoSmart 8453, HP DeskJet 6543 D, HP PSC 1508, HP OfficeJet 7210 Series, HP PSC 1510 Series, HP OfficeJet K 7103, HP OfficeJet 7215, HP PSC 1504, HP OfficeJet 7213, HP PhotoSmart 2573, HP PSC 1507, HP PhotoSmart 2610 Series, HP PSC 1613, HP PhotoSmart 2575 v, HP PhotoSmart 2610 V, HP PSC 2357, HP PSC 2610 XI, HP PSC 2352, HP PhotoSmart C 3188, HP PSC 2610 Series, HP PSC 2710 XI, HP OfficeJet Pro K 7108, HP PhotoSmart 2578, HP DeskJet 5748, HP OfficeJet Pro K 7103, HP PhotoSmart 2713, HP PSC 2358, HP PSC 1510 V, HP PhotoSmart C 3193, HP PhotoSmart 7838, HP PSC 1503, HP PhotoSmart 2575 a, HP PhotoSmart 2613, HP OfficeJet 7218, HP PhotoSmart 8039, HP PhotoSmart C 3173, HP OfficeJet 7313, HP PSC 2619, HP OfficeJet 6203

Additional Information

EAN 0882780560413
Model Name338
DescriptionBring a new level of accuracy and professionalism to your work and enjoy the reliable, trouble-free printing of Original HP supplies. HP Vivera Inks are designed and tested with the printer to provide consistent results. Intelligence built into the cartridge interacts with the system to make Original HP supplies easy to use and manage with time-saving features. Enjoy convenient reordering. Accurate, fast-drying, smudge-resistant prints present your professional best while keeping productivity high. Innovative HP Vivera Inks deliver a unique combination of quality and resilience. You get consistently crisp, clear, accurate lines and vivid colour�even true neutral grays�in fast-drying, smudge-resistant prints Intelligence built into Original HP ink cartridges provides a host of time-saving features including alerts that let you know when ink cartridges need replacement. Choose from 69-ml and 130-ml colour ink cartridge sizes. Enjoy convenient supplies reordering.
WarrantyUntil the HP ink is depleted or the end of warranty date has been reached, whichever occurs first.
Product TypeInk Cartridge
Product FamilyDeskjet
Ink Colour(s)Black
Single or Multi Colour CartridgeSingle
Ink Volume11ml
Yield900 Pages
Original/CompatibleOriginal Manufacturer
Compatible PrintersDeskjet 460c/5740/5745/6520/6540/6540d/6620/6840/9800/9800d/Officejet K7100/H470/6205/6210/6215/7210/7310/7410/100/150/Photosmart 2570/2575/2610/2710/7850/8150/8450/8450gp/8750/8750gp/C3170/C3175/C3180/C3180s/C3190/ProB8350/PSC1507/1510/1510s/1600/1610/2350/2355/2355p
Compatible BrandHP
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature 15 to 32�C - Humidity 5 to 95%
Pack Quantity2
Dimensions11.60cm (W) x 3.60cm (D) x 11.50cm (H) - Weight 0.03kg
Distributor Numbers465450 HPCB331EE
Manufacturer HP
Reviews No
PDF Url http://pdfs.icecat.biz/pdf/573260-7137.pdf

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