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HP Q2354A (2242) Printhead blue, 42ml

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HP Blue 2242 Pigment Print Cartridges

Manufacturer : HP


Availability: In stock



The Q2353A (10 ml) and Q2354A (42 ml) Blue 2242 Pigment Print Cartridges are versatile additions to HP's portfolio of postal and mail-printing ink solutions. These print cartridges contain Blue 2242 Pigment ink, which is formulated to meet Universal Postal Union guidelines for color and durability. This ink produces dynamic, eye-catching blue output that also enhances any direct mail piece. Use it to attract the attention of direct mail recipients with personalized messages, such as "Jim, thank you for being our loyal customer" or "Sandra, your 10,000-mile service is due within the next two weeks." The excellent qualities of this pigmented ink make it resistant to smearing, bleeding, and fading under bright light and wet conditions.

These print cartridges, designed with non-contact, drop-on-demand thermal inkjet technology (TIJ), are ideal for applications where logos, addresses, barcodes, personalized messaging, and indicia are printed on a variety of mail sizes and thicknesses. They can be snapped in and out for clean, easy replacement when empty, or when a different color or ink type is desired.


The Blue 2242 Pigment Print Cartridges are:
- Versatile. These print cartridges produce bright blue, attention-grabbing results for a variety of direct mail applications.
- Durable. Water- and fade-resistant Blue 2242 Pigment ink meets key postal authority requirements.
- Economical. A choice of ink reservoirs (10 ml or 42 ml) lets customers select the right size for their business.
- Efficient. Drop-on-demand technology makes good use of the ink supplied in the print cartridge.
- Cost-effective. Customers pay for the amount of ink they need. The smaller ink reservoir of the Q2353A print cartridge is ideal for low-volume printing environments.
- Easy to use. Snap-in replacement eliminates the need for specialized training and service calls. Mail service providers can use these products to leverage their investment in front-end services. Adding clear, crisp text and logos enhances existing services, such as data matching, geospatial analysis, address parsing, as well as standardizing and correction.

Compatible Printers: Imagistics W 660, Stielow 5986, Stielow Portosprinter, AstroJet 300 P, AstroJet 1000 Series, Pitney Bowes DA 80 F, Imagistics W 880, Rena DA 595, AstroJet 1000, Stielow 5980, Imagistics W 800, AstroJet 3600 Series, Pitney Bowes W 990 Series, AstroJet 2600 Series, AstroJet 2800 Series, HP Addmaster IJ 1000, Pitney Bowes W 660 Series, Imagistics W 660 Series, Pitney Bowes W 800 Series, Stielow 5982, Pitney Bowes DA 700, Pitney Bowes W 770, Pitney Bowes DA 750, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 620 E, Pitney Bowes DA 95 F, Stielow Portosprinter 45, Hasler IJ 65, Stielow 5955 V, Rena XPS 2000, Hasler IJ 75, Pitney Bowes W 661, Imagistics W 790, AstroJet 2600 P, Imagistics W 990, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 630 E, Imagistics W 661, Imagistics DA 900, Pitney Bowes W 790, Rena DA 612, AstroJet 3800, Rena DA 620, Rena PS 1000, Pitney Bowes DA 70 S, Imagistics W 600, Rena DA 613, Rena XPS 80, Stielow 5953 Series, Stielow 5952 Series, Stielow 5955 Series, Imagistics DA 950, Stielow IJ 35, Pitney Bowes DA 50 S, Rena Envelope Imager II, Rena Envelope Imager I, Imagistics W 891, Stielow IJ 45, Stielow 5953 LC, Pitney Bowes W 990, Stielow IJ 85, Stielow Portosprinter 35, Stielow 5954, Pitney Bowes DA 55 S, Imagistics DA 700, Pitney Bowes DA 900, Pitney Bowes DA 500, Stielow 5952, Rena DJP, Stielow Portostar, Stielow 5953 L, Stielow 5992, AstroJet 3600 P, Stielow 5955 S, AstroJet 500 P, Pitney Bowes W 991, Stielow 5955, Stielow IJ 65, Pitney Bowes W 801, Pitney Bowes W 660, Stielow 5952 F, Rena PS 2000, Imagistics W 77 R, Pitney Bowes W 700, Stielow 5988, Stielow 5954 S, Rena XPS 90, Pitney Bowes DA 400, Pitney Bowes DA 950, Pitney Bowes W 890, Pitney Bowes DA 75 S, AstroJet 3600, Imagistics W 65 R, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 610 E, AstroJet 2650 P, Pitney Bowes W 800, Rena Envelope Imager III, Stielow 5953 F, Pitney Bowes DA 550, Pitney Bowes W 680, Imagistics DA 400, AstroJet 2800, AstroJet Imaging System II, Imagistics W 890, Stielow 5952 S, Pitney Bowes W 880, Rena DA 608, Stielow IJ 75, Stielow 5953 S, AstroJet 1000 P, Rena DA 612 S, Imagistics W 700, AstroJet 2800 P, Rena DA 615, AstroJet IB 9000, Imagistics W 770

Additional Information

SKU Q2354A
EAN 7613058017154
Technical details
Printing coloursBlue
Capacity42 ml
Printing coloursBlue
Capacity42 ml
Operational conditions
Operating relative humidity (H-H)10 - 80%
Storage temperature (T-T)5 - 80 °C
Storage relative humidity (H-H)5 - 80%
Operating temperature (T-T)10 - 40 °C
Manufacturer HP
Reviews No
PDF Url No

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